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Feb 10, 2013 8:00am EST
through it right and appropriately protect any u.s. person information we come across and focus on the foreign intelligence. and again remember, nsa is part of the intelligence community right but their mission in the intelligence world is foreign intelligence. that operative word is foreign. >> right but that information also does get tans translated -- translated to folks locally who can deal with it. the fbi and other organizations for example. what -- mechanisms do you have from compliance -- are there any mechanism that is also like reach out to the other agencies for example in how you sort of coordinate your role compared with i mean -- you know we have 18 or so intelligence agencies. which obviously the director of national intelligence was created to sort of streamline. what's the connection you have maybe with the other intelligence organizations that exist across governments? >> sure. again kind of going back@rules i always -- to the rules, as a compliance person you start with the rules right? because we're kind of like the rules coaches. we're there to help people u
Feb 3, 2013 8:00am EST
prepare for future conflict and russia, china, and other nation states improve their ew capabilities. u.s. forces depend on vast networks for intelligence, strikes, navigation and logistics, and leaders realize that any smart enemy will attack these systems in any conflict to handicap american forces. among the changes to bert protect forces has been to merge cyber and ew operations which are intimately intertwined. joining us are the four men who head the ew efforts for their respective services. colonel jim ekvall, chief of war far division. captain greg smith, director of the navy's threet electronic warfare, colonel jim "hook" pryor, chief of air force electronic warfare, and lieutenant colonel jason "dizzy" schuette, head of the warfare branch. guys, welcome. >> thank you. >> colonel he can value, let me start with you but i want to kind of go around the table to get everybody's quick update on ew threats are that your services are facing and what you are doing them to prepare for the future. >> thanks, vag go. appreciate you taking time out to do. this our focus is the enemy's comma
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2